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BMW vehicles are built with a strict attention to detail in terms of design, technology, and engineering. You don’t want to do anything to sacrifice that quality either. So, whether you’ve been involved in an accident or just need a routine replacement, it's important to opt for genuine BMW parts from BMW of Silver Spring.

What Are OEM Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, also known as OEM parts, are made directly by your original manufacturer. They are sized and shaped the same as your original part. They also work exactly as your original part is supposed to work. There’s no need to endlessly search online to find the perfect match; you know you are getting the exact part you need.

Why Are OEM Parts Better?

You don’t just benefit from the peace of mind of knowing you have the part you need. You also know you’re getting the quality you need too. OEM parts are made with the same quality, reliability, and longevity as your BMW car or SUV. They also include a warranty, which you won't find with an aftermarket part.

Why Visit Our BMW Service Center?

The best place to get OEM parts is, of course, at our luxury car dealership. You don’t just benefit from our genuine BMW parts; but also our professional service. Our service technicians are trained and certified in caring for BMW vehicles and will treat your vehicle like their very own. We also have a plethora of BMW parts specials to help you get a competitive price too.

Does your vehicle need expert care and quality parts you can trust? Visit our team at BMW of Silver Spring for exactly that.

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