Future BMW Cars Chart New Direction


A recent Digital Trends interview with Adrian van Hooydonk, head of design for the BMW Group, is a worthwhile read. It lays out some of the future cars coming from BMW AG, and the design language that’s emerging with them. It’s also a preview of coming attractions for what’s on the way to BMW of Silver Spring.

Speaking of the company’s design language, van Hooydonk states, “At BMW, there is actually no rule set in stone,” but he goes on to elaborate “But within that, I think you see that we have developed quite a lot of variation and that’s what you’re going to see also this year as we open a new chapter in our form language.”

This new stylistic syntax will find many familiar elements — the shark-like nose, the split kidney grille — remaining in place, but will also find them deployed in new and interesting ways. And there will be plenty of opportunities for this theme-and-variation approach to design, with six new BMW vehicles in the pipeline. After all, a new BMW X2, plus the all-new BMW 8 Series, BMW Z4, and the BMW X7 are all on the horizon… and with them, the challenges of balancing a 100-year heritage against the tastes of the 21st Century.

Street dates for some of these cars and SUVs are still an open question. At least one is beginning to firm up. The BMW X7 SUV will debut in production form at this fall’s Los Angeles Auto Show. 

To say that we’re excited by these developments is something of an understatement; we’re practically giddy at what the future holds for our BMW dealership near Columbia MD. We’re certain about one thing, however: the fundamentals that make up the experience of driving a new BMW car will remain much the same. Looks and tastes change, after all, but the thrill of the drive is always the company’s top priority. You can find plenty of proof right now at 3211 Automobile Blvd, home of BMW of Silver Spring.

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